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Rug Dusting Process

Dusting is a vital part of cleaning area rugs. Rugs accumulate a tremendous quantity of dust, sand as well as dirt. Consequently, most of these elements become embedded in the base of the rug.

Importantly, the actual dust, sand as well as dirt must be taken away before cleaning it with water. It is important to note that using water without initially dusting it will cause embedded components to harden within the foundation. This will result to a stiffer rug then eventually reducing its life-span.

Rug Dusting Palm Beach

For a long time, the conventional technique was hanging the actual rug and pounding it using a carpet beater or running the actual rug by using a cleaning machine which beats the rug routinely. Evidently, both methods could be unhealthy to the rug, deteriorating or ripping its base.

Hence, our innovative approach to dusting, by making use of compressed air and patented air can safely get rid of a great deal of inlayed soil and sand from the foundation with absolutely no dangerous beating of the carpet. As soon as your carpet or rug is actually cleaned and renewed by Oriental Rug Cleaning, you could end up feeling comfortable knowing that any form of irritant that stays within your rug will be extensively eliminated, leaving your carpet dust-free.