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Rug Soft Water Rinse Process

Rug Soft Water Rinse Process Palm Beach

As soon as the rug went over the first two stages in our exclusive hand washing process, we perform our ultimate procedure known as the soft water rinse. Following the careful process we have utilized in handling your rug, and then we ensure that the filthy water along with any kind of contaminants that may be residual, are entirely eliminated through the use of our amazing Soft Water Rinse procedure.


This is usually gentle water similar to Jacuzzi-rinse which mixes soft water and a soft jet of air which filters the unclean water. This is accomplished by having a continuous flow of soft water, in addition to a big amount of filtered, compressed air which happens to be injected towards the soft water stream. Without a doubt, the actual end result would be a carpet that is absolutely clean; you could nearly drink the last rinse water.