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Rug Washing Process

Rug Washing Palm Beach

Soon after dusting, we start the washing procedure.

To begin with, all rugs are examined for colorfastness. In the event that the dyes in the carpet tend to be unstable, we will deal with them with our trademarked Dye Block treatment to guarantee a no-bleed wash.

Next, we go ahead and take the rug by means of a submersion wash coupled with an anti-bacterial bath. This procedure guarantees the elimination of any kind of stain as well as contaminants. Our compression wringer makes certain that every cleaning agent and soil tend to be purged from the rug towards the end of the carpet fibers.

For severe urine and mold dilemma, we make use of a decontamination bath. We greatly ensure you that odors and contaminants are removed from your rug. Likewise, its effect doesn’t make any difference whether it’s oriental, synthetic, or whenever your rug is made of wool. In case you don’t want to replace your area carpet, we can offer you a free estimate to get it cleaned. We are committed to hand wash your precious rug that will bring you delight. What’s more, we can even remove the bothersome pet stains in your rug.