Puppy and a Carpet before Pet Odor Cleaning Process | Wholsale Carpet Cleaning

How do you remove pet odor from your carpets?

Perhaps you know your “fur-baby” has had one or two accidents over the years or you have a new puppy going through potty/house training? Maybe you have become nose blind, or the smell has faded. But the moment you add steam or water or any other liquid to those carpets the smell and bacteria will be reactivated and free to fly all around your home, in your clothes and worse, up your nose!

Pet Urine :

Dealing with pet urine issues is a more involved process than carpet cleaning, but it can be done with great effect. First, the tech needs to identify the locations of the urine spots, either visually or by use of a black light.

Once the urine spots are identified, the tech will use an enzyme-based pet-urine treatment. This may be used in a spot by spot basis or the entire carpet. Then the tech will power clean your carpet. In some situations, this is enough to deal with the issue. If the urine odors persist, the tech will follow the cleaning with more pet specific treatments to rid your home of the smell.