Best Carpet Cleaning Solution | Wholsale Carpet Cleaning
The benefits of professional carpet cleaning are that a trained technician has studied all kinds of carpet types and fibers and has the experience to know exactly what chemicals to use to steam clean and remove tough stains such as coffee or spills, TV dinners, bodily fluids, dirt, DIY cleaners you made from Tik Tok, muddy paws, and pet stains. We use an eight-step rug cleaning procedure. With over a decade of rug cleaning experience, we place the highest priority on
your satisfaction and health above all else.


Step 1. Inspect Your Rug

Each rug is thoroughly inspected to identify the type of soil and any stains. This helps to tailor a specific cleaning solution to ensure the job is done properly and that you are happy with the final result.

Step 2. Record Any Issues

Before and after photos are taken of stains or problem areas for our records as well as for the customer.

Step 3. Vacuum Process

Using our powerful, truck-mounted vacuum, we remove as much loose dirt and dust as possible before the deep cleaning process.

Step 4. Pre-Spot Treatment

All carpets stains are pre-treated for stains. If there are any pet stains, we treat with a special urine neutralizing solution before deep cleaning.

Step 5. Cleaning Your Rugs

Our powerful, truck-mounted cleaning machine will clean and restore your rug to like-new condition.

Step 6. Hot Water Vacuum Rinse

A hot water rinse is applied to your rug and then vacuumed out to remove your rug of any chemicals and soiled water.

Step 7. Quick Dry Process

If you had area rugs cleaned, we will hang them outside to dry. For indoor carpets, we recommend turning your ceiling fans on to speed up the drying process.

Step 8. Optional protector applied

Optional rug sealant protector is available to protect against future stains.