Generally, Carpets can add a cozy feeling to any home. Carpets are soft, pretty, comfy to walk or sit on and let’s not forget about the children love crawling on them all day! Except perhaps when that carpet is not the cleanest.

Many households believe in the all-too-common notion that vacuuming is all it takes to remove dirt and debris from their carpet but sadly that is not always the case. Many problem areas do not get the care and attention they need which leads to an accumulation of dust, grime, germs and pollutants that can trigger allergies and asthma.

Without proper Professional Carpet Cleaning, dirt becomes inground, germs and bacteria can spread, attracting allergens, exposing you and your family to contaminants and impurities. Regular carpet cleaning is essential, for the health of you, your family, and your guests, but also so that you can feel comfortable in your home, especially in one occupied by young children, pets, or the elderly.

Vacuuming is essential for removing surface dirt, but a professional steam cleaning will get deeper into the carpet to extract the germs, dirt and debris build up and left behind with regular vacuuming. In addition, We have products that will sanitize the carpet and freshen up the fibers to leave your carpet looking like new again.

Removes Carpet Stains

Ever tried to get a stain out of the carpet yourself? You think it’s gone but then a few days later you see that pesky spot, maybe a bit lighter, but it’s still there, taunting you! You see it every time you walk past it and it’s just not gone yet!

Household or homemade cleaning products (if not chosen carefully), can discolor the carpet and even damage them permanently. Nothing is as good as what the pros use. Plus, if you do not catch that accident straight away it can absorb into the underlay and become a reoccurring stain. Always mop up any liquid or food straight away with clean paper towel and then consider calling in a professional.

Another of the benefits of carpet cleaning is that a trained technician has studied all kinds of carpet types and fibers and has the experience to know exactly what to add as a pre-treatment to steam clean and remove tough stains such as from coffee spills, wine, TV dinners, bodily fluids, dirt, DIY cleaners you made from Tik Tok, muddy paws, and pet stains.

Maintain a Healthier Living Environment

Germs, and allergens in the carpet can contaminate your indoor air quality and make it more difficult to breathe for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. This can contribute to respiratory problems and trigger other health problems for you, and the more vulnerable members of your household. The quality of your everyday life, your sleep, your children or an elderly family member, will all benefit from clean carpets in your home.

Our treatments and processes help eliminate those germs, allergens and sanitizes the carpet, providing healthier, cleaner indoor air to your home. This is especially significant in the Fall and Winter months when everyone spends so much more time indoors. Not to mention, now that we can all get together after the pandemic…company is finally coming over! Time to get ready for all those guests!

Perhaps you are someone that believes there is a cheaper way out. You don’t want to spend too much on a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service, so instead you use one of those home or rental carpet cleaning machines? But are you really saving money? Are they really as effective as professional truck mount steam cleaning that utilizes powerful high temperature water extraction? No, they are most defiantly not as good.

Some people think they can or should do their own house and office cleaning. Let us tell you why this is a bad idea. Some home carpet cleaning machines end up leaving a residue from the suggested cleaning chemicals they recommend you use. As a result, it will contribute to those yucky patches mentioned above. So, while DIY carpet cleaners you buy or rent, may work as a temporary solution, but they are a far cry from what the pros use. Do you really want a rental that someone else just used? Can buying a little home carpet cleaning system do the work of a pro truck-mounted machine? By renting the cleaning system from a big box store or grocery store (that everyone else has used), you’ll likely have to go over and over the same spots which inevitably will take a toll on your carpets, not to mention your back! Sit back, relax and let the pros do the hard work!

Eliminates Soil from High Traffic Areas

Everybody in your entire house and your company comes in and out the same entrance. Have you noticed darker shaded tracks in carpeted areas where there is a lot of foot traffic? Places such as entrance ways, hallways, stairs and even just in front of that favorite couch where you all watch TV? We can help you restore those nasty lanes to their like new color and appearance. Assuming the carpet is dirty rather than worn thin from age. Unfortunately, no amount of steam cleaning can restore threadbare carpet, but it can make it look a whole lot better!

Contributes to the overall Clean Feel of a Home

Do you have certain times of the year when you like to carry out a cleaning overhaul project? Is company coming over or are you expecting out of town guests who will stay in your home for several days or even a week? For some it is just before that holiday season, for others it may be just after, while others like to do it both before and after the holidays. Most people it’s Springtime that triggers the cleaning after the winter months of staying indoors. No matter how many times a year you go on your cleaning purge, the benefits of carpet cleaning cannot be understated. Especially after so many have been cooped up in their homes during the pandemic, it’s a great idea to thoroughly clean and sanitize every inch of your home.

You can clean every surface, every baseboard and every wall, door, and doorknob, but if your carpets look grubby, all your hard work will feel like it has all been for nothing. Professionally cleaned carpets is simply not something you want to leave off of your cleaning to do list. There is no question that one of the benefits of carpet cleaning is that it adds to the overall smell, clean look and feel of any home.

Removes Mustiness and Odors

Many of the odors and faint mustiness smells in carpets can come from pet mishaps and drink spills. Pet urine in the carpet can be a serious problem. Coffee for instance has a distinctive aroma (nice when fresh) but stale and difficult to get rid of. We use specialized sanitizing products that will help eliminate odors. Some of these products are also odor free when applied.

A word of caution…. Perhaps you know your “fur-baby” has had one or two accidents over the years or you have a new puppy going through potty/house training? Maybe you have become nose blind, or the smell has faded. But the moment you add steam or water or any other liquid to those carpets the smell and bacteria will be reactivated and free to fly all around your home, in your clothes and worse, up your nose!

Steam cleaning without sanitization on problem areas will result in smells either reoccurring or materializing for the first time. Nevertheless, steam cleaning with sanitization will remove those odors.

One of the Benefits of Carpet Cleaning is a home that smell fresh and clean!

Why not bring a professional carpet cleaner in for 1-2 hours? Saving you valuable time and effort is another of the benefits of carpet cleaning. A professional carpet cleaner utilizes the latest equipment and can produce a more effective outcome in a fraction of the time.

Finally….. Wholesale Carpet Cleaning recommends regularly vacuuming your carpet – at least once a week. We suggest getting your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, preferably twice, but some prefer to do it more often in keeping with different seasons and holidays.

For others, it depends on the number of people in your home, how many young children, pets and traffic. Some are motivated by special occasions such as the anticipation of a new baby in the home or once your loveable pet has finally been house trained.

Consistent maintenance of your carpet along with regular carpet cleaning will increase its longevity, improve its appearance, and contribute to healthier air quality.

Enjoy all the benefits of carpet cleaning mentioned above with Wholesale Carpet Cleaning! We use the latest in commercial cleaning products to achieve the optimum results!

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